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Original Tutor Guide $97.00 Details    
Online Tutor Guide $479.00 Details Everything you need to start your business

Do you need extra money? Learn how to start a tutoring service ...

Teachers, college students, high schools students, stay at home Moms or Dads, and anyone wanting to help others ... learn how to make extra money by next weekend doing something you're already good at.

(... and We'll show you step by step exactly how to do it).

We created this program many years ago because we were a teacher (and still are) and needed to make some extra money. We started tutoring students in our home and quickly had a full schedule. We did make mistakes and had to figure out a lot of things and that's why we created this program. We have helped many people start a business and we would love to help you as well.


Who is this for? ~ Why should you care?

This program is for people that want to help kids improve their grades and do better in school and want to make some extra money while they are doing it.

Fox Business Center had an interesting article on the growth and explosion of tutoring - here's an snippet -

Long overlooked by the private sector, education is a blossoming industry for business startups. That sense of opportunity resonated at last year's Venture Capital in Education Summit, where Peter Campbell of private equity firm Generation Partners remarked: "A theme you hear from the president is that in the next 12 years we have to retake our primacy as the most educated nation on earth. As an investor, that's the kind of trend you want to align yourself with."

Read more:

I created this product to help you build a successful tutoring business without having to go through the trial and error that I went through. This course has 3 components. This course includes: a PDF guide, videos and a 90 day e-mail course.

A 65 page PDF guide - filled with forms you can print out and guidance on everything from getting your first student to resources and information on what to tutor. 2 hours of video that explains each section of the guide. A 90 day e-mail course that tells you exactly what to do every day to build a successful tutor service.

Step by Step instructions that includes:

  • How to decide what ages and subjects are RIGHT FOR YOU.
  • How to set up and gather supplies at VERY LOW COST.
  • How to determine your fees and hours---POLICIES THAT WORK.
  • How to draw students through complete advertising strategies to fill time slots QUICKLY.
  • How to handle initial phone contact with parents EFFECTIVELY.
  • How to conduct a PROFESSIONAL parent/student consultation.
  • How to determine an INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM for each student.
  • How to plan COMPLETE lessons.
  • How to use INCENTIVES to keep students and parents HAPPY.
  • How to keep RECORDS for each student.
  • How to help students with SPECIAL NEEDS.
  • Quick answers to any questions you may have, just e-mail us and we'll work on finding the answer for you.
  • A 65 page PDF guide - filled with forms you can print out and guidance on everything from getting your first student to resources and information on what to tutor.
  • 2 hours of online video that explains each section of the guide.
  • A 90 day e-mail course that tells you exactly what to do every day to build a successful tutor service.
  • 1 on 1 support if you get stuck on any step in the process.

Pages in the guide you can print and use for:

  • Keeping records
  • collecting fees
  • composing ads and letters
  • parent and student handouts
  • consultation meetings
  • questionnaires
  • progress tracking
  • and content areas.

And there is more

  • Resources broken down by subject. 
  • Includes reading, math, study skills, homework help, special needs, and free or low-cost materials and activities. 
  • VIDEO WORKSHOP (2 hours) You can watch online that COVERS: Training in teaching methods, with strong emphasis on FUN, HANDS-ON activities and games that you can put to use RIGHT AWAY!

2 (two) months of tutor help - a monthly Q and A session online using Google Hangouts - don't worry if you miss these you'll be able to watch the replay. You'll also receive details on how to submit questions.

Look at what people just like you are saying about our course.

Dear Kim,  I ordered the program last week.  It is a wonderful program full of good ideas that I am sure I will be able to use to become as successful as possible.  Thank you very much for providing such a valuable service.  I hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful Spring.  Thank you,
Mary K., Cincinnati

Tutoring rates vary according to where you are in the U.S. We explain
exactly how to set a price in your area. We've seen ranges from $25 - $50 - $75+ an hour.

After those 4 hours all the money you make goes into your bank account!

Bonus Special:
Order today and you'll get a free listing on the Clever Apple Web Site under "Tutors Available" 


PS: If you don't take advantage of this offer how will you start your tutoring business?  Will you take the time to find and organize these resources yourself and risk time and money loss (that we talked about before)?  Don't waste your time and energy... since I have done the work for you, you will be ahead of those who don't take advantage of this special offer.  Order today!  

This is a digital product and no physical products will be mailed to your house. By making this digital, you will have instant access to the program along with the bonuses immediately after your purchase. All programs can easily be accessed with both a PC and a Mac (by Matt at dh inc). This is a 1 time purchase and you can feel safe that I will NEVER bill you again for this product!


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